Mzuzu Coffee [restocking soon} (Ground) 500g (approx 1 lb)

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500g (approx 1 lb)

 All proceeds go to benefit our work in Malawi

mzuzu speciality coffee is produced from the best high grown Arabica beans that are grown by smallholder farners scattered across the northern mountainous districts of Chitipa, Mzimba, Nkhata Bay and Rumphi.  Geisha is the main variety but other varieties are also grown. Hig rainfall of 1000-1500mm, altitude of 1200-2400 meters above sea level, cool temperatures and good acidic soils in these areas give Mzuzu speciality coffee its great taste and wonderful rare flavour that makes it to be one of the best coffees in the world.

Coffee was first introduced to the Malawi region by missionaries in the 1930s. They produced seeds that farmers could plant and the farmers would give the missionaries back the coffee parchment after it was processed. More than 3,500 people grow coffee within five separate areas in Mzuzu, Malawi, Africa. Because the terrain is harsh, 70-80% of the coffee is grown on terraces. Organic fertilizer is used and chemicals are avoided unless there's a serious problem