Chombe Tea (Loose) Black tea 125g

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Export quality Chombe Tea

125G bag

Chombe tea from Malwi the warm heart of Africa

 All proceeds go to benefit our work in Malawi

Chombe Tea is a musty, robust tea at first, presenting earthy base notes and a significant amount of tannins. But it is noted for a distinct, unique finish, said to be a result of the high altitude of its plantations, which punctuates the tea with a zesty, sweet-and-sour high note, creating a subtle aftertaste vaguely reminiscent of pineapple. This bright finish complements sweetening and/or milk beautifully, so most Chombe is exported to be used in tea-blending for breakfast teas; on its own, rounding out with milk or sugar creates a warm, smooth tea with a perky finish, excellent as a wake-up tea.

Recommended: boiling water; 4 minutes steep; with milk and sugar.