Satemwa BLACK packaged 250G

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OUR BLACK TEAS..........

These are the teas we drink all day, every day and we have something for everyone, from strong builder teas where a splash of milk helps develop the strong creamy body.

Our founder Maclean Kay was always a strong advocate of quality and we strive to maintain this standard he set.

The collaboration between the small farmers and Satemwa is a project we are very proud of. It strongly underlines our mission of sustainability, ethical conduct, and fair business!

Satemwa is a 3rd generation family owned Tea and Coffee Estate in the ShireHighlands of Malawi established in 1923. Malawi is a small country in the southern part of Africa and was the first country in Africa where tea was planted commercially. Yes! that is before Kenya :)   

For nearly 100 years they have been crafting superior teas and coffees.  The latest editions to their range are a unique artisanal line up of green, white, oolong, black and dark teas.

Satemwa's Teas and Coffees are made with love, passion and respect for the environment and communities around us. At Satemwa we believe we are contributing to improving Malawi's standard of living by crafting quality products.