Anodyne Return Policy

All Anodyne Footwear is covered by a 60 day no questions asked return or exchange policy.

HOWEVER:..... The following return procedure must be followed to receive your refund and or exchange.

The shoes will arrive in a "Shoe box" inside of a "shipping box".  Also inside the shipping bo will be a return label and return form.  All of these items and boxes MUST be retained to receive your credit.  

The return procedure is as follows:

The shoes may be worn and may be dirty condition of the shoes is not a problem.

1) return the shoes into the original shoe box.

2) place the shoe box back into the shipping box.  ( if shipping box is lost a suitable sized shipping box may be used)  The shoes must be in the original shoe box.

3) mark the reson for the return on return form.

4) write down and retain the tracking number from the return label.

5 email the tracking number to and advise of return.  No tracking number will slow your refund or exchange.  If the shoes do not make it back to factory and there was no tracking number provided, a refund or exchange will NOT be provided.