Rain related disaster in Southern Malawi

House detryed by rain Mawali

On March 7, 2019 after 4 solid days of torrential rainfall in Southeast Malawi 100's of houses have collapased. Between houses collaspasing and flash flood related injuries and deaths many Malalwians of been displaced from their homes with out any of their property.

People are in need of several types of assistance.

1) shelter
2) meical asisstance
3) food
4) clothing
5) blankets

While several NGO's including the Red Cross will hopefully be providing assistance soon, it will not be enough, and may not reach everyone in our remote areas.

As the Chiefs compile lists of the damage we will continue to report.
Wendy (Chidubahrising.com) has opened her property to displaced villagers and has been assisting several families with emergency shelter and food. 

We have opned our house to those in need of shelter and have been continuing to pass out food as neccessary. (4 to 15 households a day) We have depleted our suppy of corn to mill into flour, but are stil giving out chick peas and Manna rice packs.

Blankets are an urgent need we have passed out our current supply and will be looking at how to get more.

Some people did not even make it out with their clothes showing up at shelters in their underwear.

The heavy heavy rains have stopped for now, now just hoping the sun doesn't come out too fast and too hot to do further damage to the exsisiting structures, and bake them too quickly.

Any help would be apprieciated.